Course 100. Jumpstart Photography Program for Young Kids

Skill Level: No prior photography knowledge, but chiild must show an interest learning photography.

Workshop 1: Harrisburg, PA at Wildwood Park:

Location: Wildwood Park - Olewine Nature Center, 100 Wildwood Way, Harrisburg, PA.

Date: July, 22-26, 2020

Time: Morning Session: Mon-Fri: 10:00AM to 12PM or Afternoon Session - Mon-Fri: 1PM to 3:00PM

Age group: 7-12

Min | Max class size: 6 | 10

Workshop fee: $90

Registration and Payment info: Individual must be age seven at the time of registration. No refund 30 days before the start of the workshop.

Overview: Each student will be loaned a digital camera while exploring the operation and functions of the camera, lighting, and composition.  Each lesson contains an introduction to the project with photography tips tailored to the assignment. The student will learn a single concept and photograph the subject in-the-field or in a classroom setting. This will give your child a great base for jumping into projects where they will actually be practicing their photography and to reinforce the concepts and encourage creativity. Finally, each lesson culminates in a photo review where we discuss with the individual their best shots, and gives tips on how to improve them. 

Learn Camera Features and Functions

Camera Modes: Presets, Program AE, Aperture and Shutter Priority, Close-up/Macro

Camera Functions: ISO, White Balance, LIve View, Change Focus Point, Focus Lock, and Playback

Subject Lighting and Light Control

Learn Photography Composition

- Point of View

- Find a different perspective

- Compose in Thirds (Rule of Thirds)

- Get Close

- Find a Frame

- Leading Lines

- Horizonal and Vertical camera orientation

- Elements of Design

     - Color, Form, Shape, Line, Texture, Space, Value

- Prinicples of Design

     - Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Rhythm, Unity

Photo Subjects and Activities

- Animals and Birds

- Nature: Plants and Nature

- Insects

- Abstract Shapes

- Landscapes and Lensball Dioramas

- LEGO® Design and Creative Ideas

- Photo Scavenger Hunt

- Photo Walk

- Pick-a-Color

- Still Life

Activities are subject to change due to weather condition, workshop location, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Camera Equipment

Camera equipment and accessories are provided by Canon and Photography for Kids. Student owned equipment cannot be used.

- Canon DSLR cameras and lenses

- Canon Close-up diopters and adapters

- Hoya Lens Filters

- Manfrotto compact action series with joystick pan head

- Platypod Ultra Flat ground tripod with ballhead

- Pedco Table top Tripod

- Mountainsmith Waistpack

What to bring...

Requirements: Students MUST bring SD memory card. We recommend the SanDisk Ultra or Transcend 16GB, "Class 10" SD memory card. Note: If reusing an SD memory card make sure there are no images on the card. Memory cards will be formatted and images on the card will be deleted and not recoverable.

For outdoor photo activities, student must able to walk up to a mile on groomed paths or ungroomed trails. The trails could be flat or with aggressive hills. Individual should wear sneakers or trail shoes..NO open-toe shoes, flip flops or sandals. This class requires the student to get down low or lay on the ground.

Students may want to bring a light snack and drink. Parent/guardian of the child should provide allergen-free snacks for his/her own child.

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This workshop is closed for 2019