Primary Perfection

© 2017 Photo by Sarah Lenker  - Level lI

News and Announcements

For Release January 22, 2018

Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.  Congratulations to the following PFKs youth and teens for their outstanding accomplishments and awards in the Regional Scholastic Art and & Writing Awards.

Level I

Noah Kaplaniak - Camp Hill High School

Gold Key – Photography – "Egret"

Honorable Mention – Photography  – "fishin' "

Luke Gensbigler - Good Hope Middle School

Silver Key  – Photography – "Shades of Green"

Honorable Mention – Photography  – "Hang in There"

Lily LaRegina - Bishop Mcdevitt High School

Gold Key  – Dramatic Script – "A Weekly Visit"

Gold Key –  Poetry – "Contemplations"

Gold Key | American Voices Nominee  – Short Story  – "The Memories of Gertie Mahan"

Honorable Mention – Writing Portfolio  – "Ordinary Moments"

Aditi Sanghvi - Good Hope Middle School

Honorable Mention – Personal Essay | Memoir  – "Flight of the Butterfly"

Matthew Tokaz - Good Hope Middle School

Honorable Mention – Critical Essay  – "Plastic bags are ruining...."

Level ll

Sarah Lenker - Bermudian Springs High School

Gold Key – Photography – “Primary Perfection”

Silver Key – Photography – “Memories”

Silver Key – Photography Portfolio

Honorable Mention – Photography – “Repent”

Honorable Mention – Photography – “The Runaway Bride”

Honorable Mention – Drawing and Illustration – “Caught in the Web”

Eli Depaulis - HomeSchooled

Silver Key – Photography – "Lone Fawn"

Honorable Mention – Critical Essay – "Shades of Green"

Honorable Mention – Photography  – "Take Off"

Honorable Mention – Photography  – "Low Flight"

Honorable Mention – Photography  – "Fence Row"

Honorable Mention – Photography  – "Blue Bird"

Devin DePamphilis - Harrisburg Academy

Silver Key – Photography – "Seeing Green"

Honorable Mention – Photography  – "Sleepy Palm"

Honorable Mention – Photography  – "Calming Falls"


For Release January 8, 2018

Congratulations to the following PFKs winners in the Wildwood Nature and Wildlife Photography Contest

Category: Youth

1st Place: Lauren Sims: Photo: "Green", $100 Award

2nd Place: Olivia Schneider, Photo: "I Spy With My Frog Eye",  $75 Award

3rd Place: Lucero Figueroa-Perez, Photo: "Spidertree Web"  $50 Award

People's Choice Award:  Photo: “White Barn Owl” by Matthew Tokarz

2019 Workshops will be available on Jan 3, 2019

Celebrate Wildwood: Visit our booth at the festival and learn more about our summer youth and adult photography programs. Sunday, September 23th, 2018 11AM - 4PM. Website: www.wildwoodlake.org


Sarah Lenker wins her second Scholastic Art & Writing

"National" Gold Key Award in Photography


Pennsylvania State

Middle School Computer Fair

Category: Digital Movie

2018 2nd Place Winner

Congratulations to Aditi Sanghvi for her winning time-lapse digital movie of the life cycle of Monarch butterfly.

Her time-lapse movie also won 1st place in the regional Middle School competitiion.